Looking for Health in All the Right Places

 Looking for health in all the right places made easier.

Pick your path—

  • recover from illness and beat the disease chasing you;
  • get control of your weight;
  • maintain wellness and fitness; and
  • have more energy and zest for life.

You don’t have to be sick or hurting. You decide. Start slowly or jump to the max. We stand by to coach, equip, and encourage you to pursue goals you decide on.

God has given us a marvelous, self-healing body. When we give it proper nutrition and eliminate toxins, we cooperate with His plan for wellness and sustainable health.

E-mail us with your questions or to tell us you’re ready to make a change in your life.

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  • Jan Horner

    Had a great time yesterday. We are now enjoying mint water!

  • Barbara Hall

    I am interested in foods to fight arthritis. Also, foods for energy.

    • Barbara, thanks for asking about foods for helping in the battle with arthritis. We will be pleased to discuss it further with you. We have preliminary questions that will help us understand what you have been going through and what your physicians have to say about it. Once we have a better picture, we can make recommendations. Please use the contact information, either our phone or email and we’ll pursue it with you. Pain hurts! We’d like to see yours go away.

      One friend enjoys working in the garden again after overcoming most of her pain with a few diet changes. And, the relief started almost immediately and has continued.

      Diet and lifestyle play a huge role in the aches and pains we have and conversely in our body’s ability to heal itself. We can help you in considering what foods and how much of each type of nutrition will get you back on track.

  • Freda

    I love the 3-in-1 spiraler! Great price for an easy aid in making a healthy, delicious and quick meals.

  • Steve & Freda,

    Thanks so much for your wonderful fellowship and meal last night. I enjoyed meeting Janet and Linda and her husband.

    I will be coming back! I ‘am going to start changes in my diet, but what works best and long term for me is weekly changes. Having my mom a part of my life is going to consume more time at the beginning as she and I settle in to these changes. So I don’t want to stress myself with too many things to accomplish at once, as we go into the future it will be much easier.

    I also believe as you do that God is leading me to new start and will pray that he guides me and helps me with each change I make.

    God’s Peace and Blessing to both of you and your ministry!