Three Easy Ways to Eat, Drink and GoVeggie

Happy eating veggies

Happy eating veggies

Plan A
Our next Eat, Drink and GoVeggie dinner will be Tuesday, September 3 at 6:15 at The Cooper’s home in Arden. This Immune Booster/Stay Healthy meal will be completely raw. Menu includes, green drink, veggie juice, Guacamole Salad/Wrap, raw apple pie a la mode (featuring healthy ice cream made using the Greenstar juicer), Cherry Bliss Smoothie. $10 per person Repeated guests welcome.

Plan B
Invite 7 or 8 of your friends to join you at the Cooper’s home. Let us know your why – health, weight loss or disease recovery, and what veggie meal and smoothie you’d like us to fix and what date, lunch or dinner. Your lunch or dinner will be free. Everyone else $10 per person.

Plan C
Have a veggie juice and smoothie party limited to 10 guests. Invite your friends and we will either open our home or come to your home on a date and time you suggest. We will serve 2 veggie juice blends and 2 different smoothies. Your place or ours. $10 per person.

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