Throw Your Cookware Out the Window

Photo: Frying Pan Ban Throw out 80% of your pots and pans or sell them in your next yard sale. You’ll be healthier for it. Pay attention now, especially, if you have been cooking with aluminum. If this is you, throw out all of your pots and pans. You wouldn’t eat aluminum foil would you? The soft-metal pans leach molecules into your food. You don’t need it.

Seriously, the Hallelujah Lifestyle and Diet encourage a steady flow of fresh veggies from the organic farm to your table. For adults, 85% of your daily food intake should come from raw veggies and fruits with only about 15% being cooked.

You will need a good soup pot, a wok or nice large skillet, and a few casserole-type dishes, but you don’t need near as many pots, pans, and lids as most people have. The popular cookware sets feature between 9 and 12 pieces. That’s a lot of cooking.


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Build your tools around making your food work for you easily and conveniently. When you invest in pots and pans, make sure they are a good grade of stainless steel. Otherwise, the tools you will find yourself using every day include a smoothie and blended salad maker, like the Vitamix; a great juicer, like a Green Star or Champion; and a food processor, like maybe the KitchenAid we use. A few other tools come in handy. Check them out here.

The people who have gathered for one or more of our Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Dinners have seen the tools in action for quick and easy main dishes, appetizers, smoothies, and snacks. We hook people up to good tools. We’re a source for some and resource for others. Need advice along the way to improving your kitchen tools? Just ask. Drop a reply below, email us, or catch us outside working around the garden. Or, you can join us on the Facebook page. We’re eager to talk about it.

Be well!