Jump into Juicing for Fun and Health

Veggies arranged to create a face

Juice for Fun and Health. Mmmmm Good!

Get into juicing for fun and health. It’s easy and wise.

Micronutrients feed your body’s cells. You get them from fresh veggies. Juicing veggies gets the live enzymes, natural vitamins, and wholesome minerals into your bloodstream quickly and efficiently. Your immune system gets the boost; you’ll discover incredible energy; and your life will never be the same.

Some juicers work more efficiently than others, but the main thing is that you get started.

The Basics:

Juice vegetables to feed your system. Juice veggies ONLY!


You need fruits every day to help cleanse your system, BUT they should be eaten whole and not mixed in with the veggie juice.


Wash veggies with white cider vinegar and water. Wash them well.

In most juicers, use the soft veggies first.

Use a standard 8 oz. glass, or more, and juice one to three times daily.

Mix them up:

We recommend a juice blend of 2/3 organic juicing carrots.

(Cal-Organic, Bunny Love, or local, organically grown carrots)


The other 1/3 should come from about ½ leafy greens and ½ veggies:

The Greens:









and others.


The Veggies:







Ginger (about ½ inch)

and others.


Mix and match to your heart’s content and experiment with the flavors.


My go-to favorite includes:


Carrots (about 5 medium size)

Kale (1 or 2 leaves)

Spinach (2 or 3 hands full)

Cucumber (1/2 medium size)

Celery (1 stalk)

Fennel (1 frond and part of the bulb)

Ginger (a ½ inch knuckle)

Red Pepper (1/4 medium size)

(Yields one 8 ounce glass.)

Juice it. Drink it within 12 minutes, before oxidation sets in.

Clean up and RELAX.



Why do you not include fruits in your juice?

The answer has to do with two things: the pH of your body needs to tend toward alkaline. Most veggies will take it there. The only fruit that leaves an alkaline ash in your blood stream is lemon. Almost all others go acid in your body. Second, the theory of food mixing says don’t eat alkaline and acids at the same time. It causes slower digestion or indigestion. Our objective in juicing is rapid assimilation. The exceptions are: it’s ok to mix apples with anything and it’s ok to mix carrots with anything. However, Especially for those with cancer or diabetes, I say no fruit juice at all. Eat fruits whole. It combines the fruit fiber and fruit juice for better digestion and buffering to the sugars in the fruit juice. It makes sense. The veggies feed our cells. The fruits act as a cleansing agent.

Aren’t all juicers good? Why do you prefer the Green Star?

As stated, some juicers work more efficiently than others, but the main thing is that you get started. In order to gain the greatest advantage from juicing, we need to keep the enzymes alive. Two threats destroy the value of the juice: heat and oxygen. Too much heat or exposure to the air for too long reduces the effectiveness of the juice for the body’s cells. So, we choose a juicer that gets the greatest amount of juice out of the veggies without creating friction. Many spinning type juicers create a great amount of heat. Regardless, juice should be made and consumed immediately, if at all possible. We preserve juice from a masticating juicer for two to three days by keeping it in an airtight glass jar. I carried 1/2 pint jars in a cooler to work with me for several years for a refreshing pick-me-up. A juicer like the Green Star Elite Juicer gives better juice and more flexibility in use, keeping the enzymes alive and bringing the greatest benefit.

Be well!