Milk Producers Splash a New Ad Campaign, but Beware

Photo of a milk cow's face.Ads for the dairy industry and milk producers splash the actors in a white liquid, highlighting a new campaign which hopes to boost the use of milk in our everyday lives. Replacing the “Got Milk?” campaign that ends a twenty-year run, the new campaign attempts to position milk in an exciting new role as the essential for each of us to get more out of life.

Julia Kadison, interim CEO of MilkPEP says, “The new campaign has a double meaning, Milking life is about getting every last drop out of your day. Having a milk life is a way of living where milk can empower you to do your best.”
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Beware! Milk Does a Body Bad!

While we encourage the idea that each of us needs to maximize the life we live, being the best we can be and giving the best we can give, we do not agree that milk contributes to the process. As a matter of fact, and getting to know the facts, milk may be the drink that drags you down. Milk, as it is currently produced, marketed and delivered, carries with it the power to bring illness into your life far more than it offers energy and health. Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, a prestigious nutritional biochemist, and author of the China Study writes: “Isn’t it strange that we’re the only species that suckles from another species.” Even the so-called organic, low-fat, and skim varieties in the cartons prove dangerous to your health. Dig beyond the headlines and ad slogans. You will discover the truth.

We first ran across information about the dangers of adults drinking milk some twenty-five years ago in the work of Harvey and Marilyn Diamond in their book Fit for Life.

553643: Fit For Life Fit For LifeBy Harvey Diamond & Marilyn Diamond / Hachette Book Group, Usa

Babies need mother’s milk, but there never should be a need for any human to consume the milk from another species, except maybe as a rare and short-term substitute. Other well-studied works point to other reasons to stay away from milk, one of the most over-produced, over-promoted drinks available to us.

Since we adopted the Hallelujah Diet and recommend it to you, we have continued to study the effects of all foods on our life and lifestyle. This new propaganda ploy by the dairy industry will mislead many into continuing a bad food habit. Take a few minutes to read the description by the Hallelujah Diet Founder, Rev. George Malkmus. Click Here for the article “Why Cow Milk is so Dangerous.”

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Healthy alternatives have made it to the shelves of most local groceries. The best of the bunch include coconut water and coconut milk. If they are cold processed and not pasteurized, they will afford your body great nutritional value. Nut milks, like almond and cashew, available for purchase in many stores, can also easily be made at home with a high speed blender or a nut milk machine. We prefer a VitaMix Blender and the Soyabella, both of which are available through our product catalog.

We urge you to think before you drink. The milk producers’ splashy new ad campaign may make milk look attractive. When you know the truth, you will be ready to allow them their fantasy and drink water instead.

  • Johnny Brooks

    This is such a hack job bull shit written article with no research data to back it up. You have no idea what you are writing about, with no facts. This is a disgrace.

    • Johnny, thanks for the comment. We encourage you to study Dr.T Colin Campbell’s The China Study and other books and videos as a starting point. We also invite you to Charlotte this Saturday to hear George Malkmus and others who have experienced the Hallelujah Diet. We learned a lot that way. Thanks again. Be well!

  • I’ve been allergic to dairy products since infancy. Our grandson experienced I’ll affects from Milk after he was weaned. No other animal drinks another animal’s milk. We need to be careful what we put in our bodies. Go to and search dairy and goggle dairy. My experience comes from the ill affect dairy products cause. This is a fact. One has to choose whether they want to find ways to help their body to heal itself or whether they want to put poisonous medicine to cover up, not heal, their body. What we eat is important to our health.