Colon Cancer Month Focuses Attention

March, 2014, Colon Cancer Awareness Month focuses attention on the most threatening form of cancer for the greatest number of people. Colorectal (Colon) Cancer affects a huge segment of our adults in America and around the developed world. But, let me begin with my story.

A Dark Cancer Memory

Photo-Lake View-Where I Learned About Cancer

Focus Where You Need It

I clearly remember the looming dark clouds that surround my vision of the lake as my wife confirms that the biopsy report shows malignancy. Mid-morning, on a beautiful sunny day, we had driven to the lake to talk about the implications as we waited to hear. The call comes. The brain collects the words, but the heart has to let it sink in. For just a few moments those dark clouds begin to fill my view, and then I remember.


God proved faithful when a clot stuck in the right artery inside my heart, a full-fledged heart attack and I was only 42 years old. We had been through this and other crises and found that God keeps His promises. He is ever faithful to meet our needs, sometimes in ways we expect. These encouraging memories bring focus and clear my outlook.

As a cancer survivor we relate to the shock, sadness, and hopeless feeling that comes when your news includes the “Big C” word—CANCER. Our bout was not affecting the colon, but cancer is always scary. Hopefully, you will relate to the optimism that faith brings. We also hope that you benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained over the years in combating cancer and other killer diseases.

Discover and Focus on Natural Healing

Scientists and researchers, physicians, alternative medicine experts, and even ordinary people like us have discovered ways to diagnose, treat, and overcome many forms of cancer. The Big Medicine corporations, intent on packaging new patents for drug interventions have helped many on their way to huge profits. They grind out new pills and potions as often as the FDA will approve them, all in the name of treatment. Alternative medicine and natural healing have also proved to be effective in most cases, but with substances and practices that cooperate with the body’s methods of healing itself, rather than using patented drugs. The contrast is startling—drugs that usually interrupt the body’s natural work, rather than understanding, and then cooperating with the body and its natural immunity and healing process.

Photo of a cancer fighting blended salad

Nutritional Immunity Builders Fight Disease Like Colon Cancer

Those who practice alternative medicine and natural healing have many successes to point to in both treatment and prevention. Many published articles circulating currently show the effectiveness of a simple veggie and clean-eating lifestyle in preventing and even improving health for many cancer victims.

We urge you to get to know more from all who are dealing with the question of cancer, the scientists, medical practitioners, and naturopaths. You will become better informed and can take more responsibility with your own preventive and corrective health.

As an example, the month of March, 2014 has been titled, “Colon Cancer Awareness Month.” Paul and Ann Malkmus have written an article you should read, pointing out the ways you can prevent colon cancer. They say:

In the United States, 140,000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every year – 50,000 die from it.

However, it is estimated that 75-95% of people that are diagnosed with colon cancer have little or no genetic risk associated with the disease.

What this means is that colon cancer is a direct result of lifestyle habits.

More precisely, the consumption of animal products, obesity and lack of physical activity are top risks for the disease.

Agree with us. This seems like the disease should be quite preventable, right? If so, why do the statistics show such a horrible track record for colon health? Can it be that we just don’t get the word out in a way that will penetrate our society?

Your Personal Invitation to Health

Travel along with us as we practice what we preach in a natural lifestyle, learning, growing, staying healthy, and enjoying life through a plant-based diet. Steve’s new book, due to be finished soon, connects the dots between nutrition and the lives of our cells. Sorting out the gobbledygook and misinformation can be a daunting task. We hope to simplify the topics, separating myth from fact. Well known author Guy Kawasaki says that if you want to really learn about a topic to write a book about it. We’re working on it.

Your feedback and participation helps. Thanks to those who attend our “Get to Know Your Veggies Demo Meals,” the “Jump into Juicing” classes, and other unscheduled get-togethers. We also appreciate comments on our blog entries, “Likes” on our Facebook page, responses to the discussion topics on the page, and sharing ideas through Twitter. We’re all about getting healthy and staying healthy. Thank you for participating and going along for the ride.

As a Life Coach and Certified Health Minister we can help you determine a few healthier choices. As we have learned, the Hallelujah Diet as a plant-based lifestyle works!

  • Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or other significant disease,
  • just want to maintain good lifestyle habits,
  • or want to attain a higher level of health and fitness performance,

the ideas in the Hallelujah Diet and choosing a plant-based food lifestyle will work for you too.

Call Your Coach

We will be pleased to help you understand the relationship between food and health, assist with your plan to change a few habits, and see improvements in your life. No matter your age, the disease or condition you’re battling (with a few exceptions), or your family history, the Hallelujah Diet and other practices we can introduce you to may make a difference for you.

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