Come on People, Come Clean about Clean Eating

Come on People, Come Clean about Clean Eating

So much confusion reigns about clean eating and getting healthy.

I see

  • professional dietitians promoting empty-calorie packaged foods,
  • nutritionists encouraging the use of high-sugar fruits for caloric energy, and
  • fitness instructors reminding clients to “beef up” with a high protein diet.

These instructions and suggestions may encourage individuals to move away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) that is 90% packaged foods and animal protein, which most people need to change. However; for anyone that has been diagnosed with a disease, or for folks who want to prevent disease and boost immunity, each one of these approaches has been proved to be ineffective or even dangerous. They’re not even necessarily effective for simple weight control over the long-term. That makes it not very clean at all. You know what? We count some of these professional mis-instructionists as friends.

Poster:Come on People, Come Clean about Clean Eating

Come on People, Come Clean about Clean Eating

Why Do We Have Clean Eating Confusion?

We wonder what these people learn in school. And then, we think they must stop reading the latest research when they graduate. Are we confusing you further? Sorry, we learned through having disease that getting back to being healthy can be accomplished. It takes developing a new mindset on two topics, understanding that health comes through 1) clean eating, which means better food habits and improving our decisions about the food we eat, and 2) exercise, even gentle body movement for disadvantaged people. Take control of these two in your life and you can kick disease’s butt, stay healthy, and get into the weight range you really want. We’ve done it, you can too. If you are a Twitter follower of Veggie_1, or you follow our daily tips on Facebook, or subscribe to the web site at, you know these things already. If so, I’m preaching to the choir and you already agree with the principles. But, how do we further spread the word? What’s your best suggestion? If we do a newsletter, complete with meal plans and recipes, will it help you? Will it make it easy for you to help us spread the word to others who need to hear it’s possible to make good changes in life? Respond here, or send us an email at Give us some feedback, now, while you’re thinking about it.

Moving Toward the Truth

Help us out here. What do you think? A wholesome plant-based diet that consists of whole, live foods really works. It even tastes great once you learn to put the combinations together with your favorite herbs and spices. Once your palette gets used to it, in about ten days, you’ll begin to enjoy flavors you forgot existed. Food preparation becomes much simpler, your grocery bill stays about the same or improves, and you’ll fall in love with food again. What the mis-instructionists teach improves diet for a few people in the short-term, but makes some dangerous suggestions as well. There’s a better way to improve your lifestyle, get healthy, stay healthy, and enhance the quality of your life. So here’s the bottom line: how do we reach more people and encourage more people to make the few simple steps it takes to live better? If you were in our shoes, disappointed with all the mis-information and trying to get better information out, what would you do?

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What Would You Do? Will a Newsletter Help Spread the Word?

Clean Eating does exist and it does work. By eliminating the 8 KILLER FOODS and embracing a new food lifestyle, anyone can see improvement. Isn’t that exciting? If you’re like me, having had a heart attack 26 years ago and beating cancer 5 years later, it’s absolutely thrilling. Maybe you have a similar story. Maybe you know some friends who need to hear these stories of success with habit change and getting healthy results. Let us know what you think.

We’d love to hear from you. Respond here or send us email at We’re eager to hear from you.If you do think a newsletter might be a good idea, why don’t you just go ahead and let us know by completing this contact form.

Thanks and be well!

Steve Cooper, Veggie_1