“I have fallen and I want to get up!” 4 Ways to Restore Healthy Habits

“I have fallen and I want to get up!” –

Restore Healthy Habits when You Have Fallen

“I’ve fallen…” Check these 4 Ways to Restore Healthy Habits

We heard from a friend today who has previously shared our commitment to a plant-based, clean, healthy lifestyle. She says she’s drifted back to former habits and feels horrible. Essentially she says, “I have fallen and I want to get up!” Knowing the promise of eating and living clean, she’s reaching out for support. We’ve been there. Struggling to get up by yourself after you’ve fallen looks impossible. Having the encouragement of friends, or at least one friend, helps you make the shift to get back to feeling good again.

If the motivators simply revolved around diet, in other words, just the food we eat, you might be successful by just cleaning out the pantry. What we buy can be as important as what we put on the plate. If you don’t buy empty-calorie food and stick to fresh plant-based choices, you will eat better and feel better.

There is a bit more to it than this. We are not simple creatures of habit, instinct, and appetite alone. The deeper question for many of us, “How’s life?” and understanding the real answer to it, will help us understand and change the habits we develop, or slide back into.

Comfort food frequently draws us away from what we know is right to eat. Withdrawal from people and events sometimes isolates us from perceived pain. Where do these stimulators come from and what do we do about them?

Here are 4 ways to restore healthy habits.

Consider these four areas of your life with powerful questions:

  • How are you doing spiritually? Have you met, come to know, and follow Jesus? Have you developed the spiritual side of your life and come to terms with who you think you are and your primary purpose?
  • Are you moving? Do you get off the couch and walk the dog? Do you have a daily routine to stretch some muscles and get the kinks out of your limbs? Are you committed to expanding your physical activity to feel better? Regular exercise brings better health.
  •  How are your relationships? Are you able to associate with people who give you a lift? Have you learned to talk to yourself instead of just listening to yourself? Are you listening to positive music and reading uplifting books? Remember this, feelings follow actions. Your emotions do not and should not determine your choices, your mind does.
  • What have you learned lately? From what you have heard, what can you put into practice? Learning doesn’t stick if it is not applied in some way.

These cover the four major areas of what makes up life. Spiritual, physical, emotional and mental patterns and practices determine the quality of life we live. As you consider gaining new ground on your habits, understand that these four all play a part in our overall health.

When you fall and want to get up, pick a habit or pattern from each of these areas and practice replacing good habits for bad ones.

  • Pray and read scripture and inspirational devotionals every day. Pick a time and stick to it.
  • Take a 10-minute walk, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk the dog, briskly for at least ten minutes. Or, if you are able, start an exercise program. Moving every day allows your lymph system to actually work to help remove the short term toxins from your tissues. Some form of mild exercise may be all it takes, but it needs to be daily.
  • You may need a new friend to lift you up; and you may need to move away from a friend who brings you down. If it’s your spouse that brings you down, you may need the help of a counselor. Otherwise, what change can you make, including your self-talk that will help get you back up?
  • We can change the way we think. You have past performance problems, current hang-ups, and future fears that just go to show you have your focus in the wrong place. When you pursue the three previous suggestions, this one will improve as well. Your mental capacity is far beyond what you think. You can learn, you can choose to use what you learn, and, if you do these things every day, your habits will change for the better. You’ll get more joy and you will feel better overall.

When you come to the point where you say, “I’ve fallen and I want to get up.” you can do it. You may need a friend. You may need to hire a coach. You may need to join a group. But, you can do it. In our experience and in coaching others, we have noticed that when you start with any one of these four, it makes the other three easier. No one can change your habits but you. You take responsibility and count on someone else for accountability. Make it happen! If you have fallen, get up! Get back to your healthy habits! Start now!

What’s your first thought about the renewed you?

We hope you enjoyed this dose of goodness and have found it helpful. If so, please leave a comment below. What has been working for you? What’s next? What do you suggest that will improve our suggestion?

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