Have Fun at the Fair

Have Fun at the Fair

Photo of a Ferris Wheel like you remember from a county fair

Have Fun at the County Fair, but look out for the Killer Foods.

There’s nothing quite like a county fair. The sights and sounds, colors and chaos, smells and yells create the atmosphere that holds such family fun. Most agricultural fairs have a section that shows off the best veggies grown this year. They look big, colorful, and tasty. A few fair planners around the country have begun to include a category called “organic” to the display venue. We’re pleased to see it. Otherwise, on the tables and around the fair, you’ll find a whole lot of killer foods!

Forget the food trucks, except for your once-a-year splurge for something fried and salty. You can survive almost anything, but if you’re a clean eater, you may be sorry for a few hours. Even the roasted corn, one of my favorites, you can bet was grown from genetically modified seed (GMO’s). It sure brings emotional memories though. How can we not chomp the kernels off an ear?

Photo of a funnel cake. One of the favorites at the fair, but beware.. It's made from killer foods!

One of the favorites at the county fair, but beware.. It’s made from killer foods!

The ladies, and a few men, put their best culinary efforts forward to win a ribbon too. Tables filled with cakes, pies, muffins, and more bring out the oooh’s and ahhh’s and requests for recipes. If you’re trying to eat clean for health, to lose weight, to stay in shape, or just because you want to, beware of the ingredients list.

The Blue Ribbon winners sometimes are the most difficult to turn down, but they also frequently feature the most killer foods. Refined flours, sugar, eggs, milk, and salt form the base and flavoring for many foods, not just desserts. Because of our family heritage and food culture, they look oh so good.

Fair Food?

We’ll offer congratulations to the winners, of course. They have applied their lessons well. We also will go on wishing for more entries in the vegan, vegetarian, and raw food categories. Some will say we’re joy killers, but the truth is, recipes that do not include the killer foods can taste good too. May be we’ll see more in the years to come. In the meantime, just be careful what you choose and how much you take home. After all, there’s nothing quite like a county fair.

In spite of the warning, what’s your favorite Fair Food?

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