Jump Into Juicing Again

Jump into Juicing for Fun and Health, the title of a recent blog post at www.eatdrinkandgoveggie.com helps people understand how to make juicing effective. This week, in our kitchen, we’re using juices for every meal and for in-between snacks too.

Photo:Veggie Bins showing Veggies ready for Juicing

Juicing: Medicine for Your cells

Detox, cleanse, Re-Start—call it what you want to, juicing is a way to give your entire body a vacation. We noticed that since we have been moving around the country this year, and especially through the summer season, we have strayed from our normal vegan/vegetarian/Nutritarian lifestyle. We have become quite flexitarian, choosing to eat more in restaurants, more packaged foods, and generally more not-so-good snack foods.

Well, we agreed to take a week, use Drew Canole’s Alpha Reset 5-Day Detox as a guide and clean up our food act. Day by day this week we will be juicing, giving the Green Star Elite Juicer a workout with a variety of juices, mostly veggie, but with the cleansing power of fruits as well.

Normally, we follow the Hallelujah Diet, which we have been using and teaching for several years, coaching others to a healthier lifestyle as we go. We also gain insight and good advice from Dr. Joel Fuhrman. His books, Eat to Live, Super Immunity, and The End of Dieting will put anyone on the right track to better health.

Juicing—Here we go!

Before Day 1, we head out to the grocery store, the one that features the greatest number of organic choices in the produce department. Depending on where you are that could be Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Central Market, Sprouts, or other local markets and health food stores. What’s your favorite place to shop for good veggies? For around $100.00 we stock up on leafy greens; cucumbers; cruciferous veggies, including broccoli, cauliflower, red and Napa cabbage; lots of celery, and a few others. We buy pineapple, apples, strawberries, and pears. The ‘fridge is packed and we’re ready to go. Five meals per day for five days times two people—that should come out to about $2.00 per 16-ounce glass of juice. That’s an inexpensive meal.

Photo: Juicing with a Green Star Juicer

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Sure, juicing takes time and effort, but if we feel as well as we anticipate by the first of next week, it will have been worth it. We expect better physical response, an emotional uptick, improved bathroom habits, spectacular digestion, and a refreshed system overall. Over the years, we have done a few short-term juicing programs that are similar, and we’ve helped a few other people understand the process and get started on a healthier lifestyle. Now, we committed to using this method for this week. Wish us well, won’t you?

We’ll let you know what happens. People continually ask us how we eat and what we do to stay fit. We’re happy to share about juicing and our plant-based food lifestyle. We learn from others as well, so please share with us as often as you will. What experience have you had with cleansing and recovery adventures? What suggestions do you have that might make the experience even better?