Wisdom? How Wisdom Gets Lost in the Wind

How Wisdom Gets Lost in the Wind

Illustration: How Wisdom Gets Lost in the Wind, a huffing and puffing cloud

How Wisdom Gets Lost in the Wind

A strong wind has been bending and twisting trees this morning, threatening to rip them out of the ground. If I were to stand outside and yell, the wind would drown out my screams. Sometimes a gentle breeze carries a spoken word over quite a distance, but a strong wind smothers any sound but its own.

Set-in-their-ways people stubbornly blow like a strong wind, nursing long held opinions that destroy the quality of life over time. We take our stand to point out to people the undeniable connection between the food they eat and the quality of a disease-free life. We bring it up, and then, the storm begins to blow, drowning out our voice.

“I know that eating salads is supposed to be better for me, but I’m not going to give up my life of eating what I enjoy. I’d rather die young!”

This comment comes from a short, rotund, friend of mine who now hurts without the prescription drugs that help him manage pain and whose wife has been diagnosed with the onset of Parkinson’s Disease. The dying young part may sound like a simplistic choice; however, our nature will fight it. Our bodies carry designs that make the preservation of life a priority. We put our lack of health in conflict with nature when we fail to cooperate. But then, my voice in explaining the truth gets drowned out by the determined ignorance of some people who still fail to make the connection between health and the food we eat. Wisdom gets lost in the wind.

“I know I can eat better, but I like what I eat and the doctor has given me the prescriptions I need to overcome the blood pressure, liver problems, and lack of sleep I have. I can handle it.”

She’s lived with the health problems for at least a decade. She and her husband invest at the pharmacy each month to the tune of over a thousand dollars. The same investment each month in fresh, colorful fruits and veggies would be likely to get the same, or better, results. Wisdom gets lost in the wind.

We have wind and wisdom stories to tell.

Chrohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), similar in some ways, prove to be extremely painful. Each makes life miserable according to those who try to live with the problem. Especially if these diseases are caught early, they can be overcome with a change in food and exercise lifestyle. As a matter of fact, here’s a story from one long time sufferer who has become an overcomer.

This week we have a special testimony written by Cherri Crockett that appeared in the Rumford Fall Times on October 5, 2012. Rumford Falls is located in the state of Maine.  http://ow.ly/UXHMP

Wisdom or worry? Photo of a Lady who looks Worried about Physical problems in Aging

Wisdom or worry? It’s your choice!

We share stories like this to keep spreading wisdom, but the wind frequently drowns out the truth. Once we realize that God has designed our body to be self-healing when given the proper materials with which to work, we overcome almost all health problems. We say almost, because not all situations and circumstances can be overcome. However, this story shows the truth of the principles we teach.

We need your help. We need you to help spread the stories of triumph in the face of tragic, chronic illness. As we support each other in choosing a better, healthier lifestyle and sticking to it every day, we can calm the wind that drowns out wisdom.

Share your story with us. We’re here to encourage and bring hope to people who hurt. This community can grow and become a force. Get on board by sharing here or by sending us an email.


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