The Science Behind Cancer Will Save Your Life

Photo: ChemistScientists make headlines with every small, promising step that leads to making a difference in cancer treatment. The public relations machine for the pharmaceutical companies, major clinics, and even the government filter regular releases out through the media. All sound promising whether it’s genetic and genome research, new or modified symptom-controlling drugs, or supposed improvements in current therapies. Follow the money. We spend billions in research and treatment, seldom addressing the causes of cancer that lead to a cure. Mostly, we focus on treatment.

We’re happy to report to you that more and more health practitioners, even some in mainstream medicine, have become successful in breaking through the barrier. Be patient. We’ll get to the real cure and prevention in a moment. First, let’s review a bit of history.

100 years ago, cancer rarely showed up in the U.S. population. Injury and infection took more people out. Bacteria became the target for the medical people. Over the next fifty years we learned how to overcome most debilitating infectious diseases, killing the germs along the way. Some of the drug therapies carry side effects, but that’s a discussion for another day.

In contemporary Western society, the current killers, other than accidents, are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. I hate disease, especially cancer. I hate what it does to the body, the victims, and the families touched by it. Diabetes follows closely on my dislike list.

Our medical community has not backed off at all in its war against bad bacteria. Become uncomfortable with a cold, visit a physician, and as likely or not, you’ll leave with a prescription. Unfortunately, on the way to comfort, your drug will actually interrupt the body’s natural healing process. We do agree that sometimes the intervention accelerates the body’s healing process, but we are a drug-happy people. In the case of antibiotics, beneficial bacteria in your system will be wiped out along with the bad bacteria. Your immune system may take a hit that will require recovery for weeks, or even months.

We’ve learned well how to treat symptoms to make sick people more comfortable, which sums up a great deal of the effort of our medical and pharmaceutical industries. You read about research on cancer, but seldom do you hear in popular media discussion about the real causes and a cure. We’ll find the answer in food science.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll include only one indicator. This comes from the USDA’s Economic Research Service. (USDA, 2013)[1]

“In 2010, food categories with the largest shares of overall new product introductions included candy, gum, and snacks; beverages; condiments; and processed meat.”

Halloween CandyIn this one year, over 21,000 new products found shelf space in grocery stores and maybe in your pantry. These manufactured foods take natural and unnatural substances in combination to make a colorful and hopefully good tasting something that will appeal to as many of us as possible. We call it food, but to our sensitive body systems, there is little, if any, benefit. Many of these products bring us nothing but empty calories and substances that wear down the immune system with each bite. There’s a reason we call much of it “junk food.”

Research studies show two primary causes of any disease: 1) a deficiency of key vitamins and minerals our bodies need to thrive and 2) toxins that our bodies have to filter out to protect us. In the case of manufactured food, we combine these two.

If it’s in a can, box, or fast food wrapper, chances are that beneficial enzymes and trace elements have been manufactured right out. More tragic is the fact that items we call food, once processed, “fortified,” and “preserved,” become toxic to the body.

Want to see the cause for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other debilitating conditions? Look in your own cabinets and refrigerator. Studies over the last fifty years show us the top five killer foods. Take them out of your own food supply and replace them in the right balance with fresh plant-based veggies and fruits, and you’ll see the health problems disappear.

Make your plan right now to eliminate the top five:

Sugar – refined sugars destroy the immune system and promote cancer by modifying the DNA of many cells. As the millions of cells in any one area become damaged it shows up as cancer. Certainly, this is not the only cause, but it is primary. Use honey, agave nectar, and stevia as a sweetener and buy products that contain only these sweeteners.

 Flour – In processing, any semblance of life in the original wheat seed is beaten to death and washed away. The resulting powder serves as the base for many of the food products we buy. Along with a few buffers and preservatives, these processed grains give our body a load of what appears to be a foreign substance to the digestive and assimilation system. It simply clogs up the works. Instead, key on whole grains and products made from them including whole wheat, barley, brown rice, bulgur, oat groats, quinoa, rye, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, and spelt.

Caffeine – Look it up in your dictionary, caffeine falls into a classification of alkaloids, all of which prove poisonous to our system and are the basis of many prescription and over-the-counter drugs manufactured for us. Each cup of coffee contains about 150 mg of caffeine. Two or three cups a day easily constitute caffeine intoxication with potentially severe health consequences, in addition to being highly addictive. Suffer the withdrawal symptom and increase your level of health. Use water, herbal teas, and natural veggie and fruit juices instead.

Salt – Refined Table Salt in a shaker sits on most dinner tables ready to be sprinkled over food that probably already carries more sodium chloride than the body can handle. Even if it’s pure salt, we don’t need it. We think we’re sprinkling on flavor, but we have become addicted to a poison that undermines our immunity and adds significant water weight to the body. In refinement and whitening, the table salt we use has almost all the beneficial minerals stripped. When you change to a plant-based diet, the veggies contain sufficient amounts of naturally occurring sodium chloride to keep the body’s fluid systems in balance. Any added salt should be Celtic Sea Salt.

Animal Products – Even if you grow your own animals and ensure their hormone- free and non-toxic cleanliness, you will unbalance and add stress to your body systems. Your digestive system will break down the meat into component parts in processing. Protein? Animal protein overloads the system, requiring more calcium to offset the acidic effect, throwing your well-tuned system out of balance. Flavor? Most meat eaters realize that flavor generally comes from fat marbled through the meat. In digestion the fat simply gets stored as fat in our tissues. Other problems show up as well, including a greater risk of developing dementia in later years. The calcium demand is sufficient in most people to weaken bones and teeth, because the calcium has to come from somewhere to alkalize the meat intake.

Beautiful Woman Enjoys CoffeeEliminate the killer foods and you’ll see improvements to your health, overall energy, and if you have a disease already, you’ll likely improve or even cure it. Work with your physician to know your current blood markers and to chart other body system levels and functions. If you’re on medication, as your body goes through changes, your doc may need to help you make adjustments.

You can take more responsibility for your own health. Studies show that a “clean” diet, high in nutrition and low in toxins, will cure what ails you.

This includes” The BIG C.” I have become convinced that we all have compromised cells, ones that can’t make the mark of being called normal. However, these are destined for destruction in a well-fed, well-balanced body system. These defective cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. They thrive in acidity. Unfortunately the Standard American Diet provides many of us with a diet that reveals an acidity ratio of 80/20, when the opposite should be true. A plant-based diet, scrubbed of all toxins will provide an alkaline to acid ratio of 80/20, which promotes perfect health.

You have an amazing and marvelous self-healing body. We have been conditioned to believe that as we age, disease inevitably comes. Yet, many diseases, including cancer, strike younger people all the time. We’re not absolutely sure that genetic predisposition can be ruled out, but cleaning up what we eat overcomes many problems for many people. The time to start is now. That’s why we have a Start Here link.

Be well!

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Steve and Freda made the transition from the SAD (Standard American Diet) over a period of time, becoming more convinced of the health available through a different lifestyle. We're glad we did. Natives to the Western North Carolina mountains, we claim to be hillbilly vegans. Imagine that. We are parents of two and grandparents of six. We look to Jesus as Lord, Savior, and friend