Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Pink RibbonWrap this blog entry and tie a pink bow around it. A collaboration of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies work together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to services. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month raises a great deal of money and awareness about the importance of screening and the early detection of breast cancer.  Where in all the rhetoric do you hear the word PREVENTION?

We have been told in many ways for many years that disease comes from genetics and germs. Research shows answers that you may have missed, because Big Media and the standard Medical Community don’t tell you. Studies show that disease comes primarily from toxins of various kinds in the blood stream and deficiencies that deter our immune system from its tasks. Maybe this pertains particularly to cancer.

Animation: Growth ChartIn the case of cigarette smoke you believed it and the tobacco industry became a vulnerable target, at least to some extent. Do you not believe it in the case of refined sugar, manufactured wheat-based foods, and the test tube modified seeds of soy and corn? The battle over these last, called genetically modified foods may gain enough traction to have rules, regulations, or legislation requiring labeling to let you know you’re buying a product of questionable origin. What will you believe about the cause of cancer as you soak up information from the “Pink” campaigns?

You see, the word spreads about cancer anyway, but usually it sounds like concern or gossip when one friend says to another, “Have you heard about (our friend)? Her biopsy report came back and it’s not good!”

The “BIG C”—nobody wants to hear that word about family, friends, or self. Even the thought scares the bejeebies out of people. By then, it’s already a bit late for some. Fortunately, physicians, nutritionists, and health counselors, embracing alternatives generally have more to say about prevention than the established medical community.

  1. Most researchers now believe misunderstood nutrition and environmental agents are the most identifiable causes of cancer.
  2. With disease, including cancer, you are not controlled by your genes. Gene activity depends on diet and lifestyle choice.
  3. Cancer? Energy and nutrients are essential in wound healing, fighting infection, and recovering and may make surgery unnecessary.
  4. Stop the vicious cycle of inflammation, free radical damage, and potential tumor development. Build your immune system with plant-based food.
  5. Healthy tissues have an optimal pH level & are well oxygenated; cancerous tissues require acidity and low oxygen to survive.


Personally, I have experienced nuclear therapy. Twenty-seven radiation treatments followed a surgeon’s removal of a malignant polyp. Either I didn’t hear it, or advances in prevention and treatment have advanced rapidly. Had I known then that I could probably whip the cancer cells making a home on my vocal cords through a simple change in diet and lifestyle; I think I would have done it.

We now embrace a diet that should discourage any other episodes like the previous one. This is why we talk about it. We want you to know. We encourage you to do your own research and take responsibility for your own health. Do it now, before you’re threatened with the “BIG C.” If you’re already facing it, we know that choosing a cancer treatment is an intense decision. Ultimately, you have to make it.

Here’s what we know. God has given us a miraculous self-healing body. When we cooperate with it to feed the cells what they want, boost our immunity, and take more control over our metabolism through making good food choices, remarkable changes occur. We suggest you get started today. Start Here.

Be well!

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Steve and Freda made the transition from the SAD (Standard American Diet) over a period of time, becoming more convinced of the health available through a different lifestyle. We're glad we did. Natives to the Western North Carolina mountains, we claim to be hillbilly vegans. Imagine that. We are parents of two and grandparents of six. We look to Jesus as Lord, Savior, and friend