Hallelujah Recovery Diet

Photo: Veggie Juice

We want to see you well. We suggest the Hallelujah Recovery Diet to support your body’s healing efforts when battling cancer or other chronic diseases, especially if you are considering or currently undergoing traditional protocols like chemotherapy and radiation.

Your disease calls for a radical change in your lifestyle. We’ve experienced it and can relate. The concentrated nutrition in this routine supports the immune system’s efforts at self-healing, often reduces the negative side effects of these toxic treatments, and leads to better results.

We want to walk through this change with you. After you look over the information below, e-mail us or call us to get started 828.712.0076.

NOTE: We are not medical doctors. We cannot diagnose medical problems nor can we tell anyone how to treat a medical problem. We cannot provide nutritional counseling nor make individual personal recommendations.
Also, consider making an hourly “juicing and supplement” chart so you can visually check off your progress throughout each day. Making a chart helps create a routine that becomes second nature.

PLEASE NOTE: Physical problems do not develop overnight — they don’t go away overnight, either. It may take as long as 12 to 18 months of following an aggressive nutrition plan to provide the body with the best opportunity for rebuilding when facing illness and disease.

Find the complete description of the Hallelujah Recovery Diet here.