Kick the Caffeine Monkey

Kick the Caffeine Monkey—no, this is not animal cruelty

Portrait of a Coffee Drinker Kicking the Caffeine Monkey

Portrait of a Coffee Drinker Kicking the Caffeine Monkey

Thanks for your loyalty, veggie fans! Thanks for being a part of a group that encourages change for a change. Today, here’s what a friend of mine says, “…at our age, (not that we’re old or anything) coffee raises cortisol, which is a hormone that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to lose fat, especially belly fat. I’ve never been one to have belly fat until now! So no more coffee for me!!!!!”

Kicking caffeine can prove to be difficult. When I did it, every joint in my body hurt, like it might explode. So, we’re encouraging our friend to hang in there for the first 3 days. After that, the withdrawal tends to subside, whether the craving goes away or not.

What has been your experience? Have you successfully kicked the caffeine monkey? Tell us about it in a comment below or on the Facebook Page. And, please, like the page while you’re visiting. 

Be well!

What is Junk Food Anyway?

What is Junk Food Anyway?

What is Junk Food Anyway?

More Food is Junk than what we think!

“You make such inane comments sometimes,” accused my boss during a review of my morning radio show. “Funny is good. Inane loses people.” I thought, but didn’t say, “You and I just do not have the same sense of humor,” However; at the time, I couldn’t remember the meaning of the word. I assumed it was not complimentary.

The synonyms could be listed as silly, foolish, stupid, fatuous, idiotic, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, senseless, asinine, frivolous, and vapid. Personally, I like absurd. Silly is OK, but the rest just leave me with negative feelings. Absurd seems to have entertainment value. The others may as well, but absurd has certainly emerged as the entertainment choice of many.

Watch TV or listen to the radio. Absurdities abound. Hosts and moderators, DJ’s and newscasters, producers and script writers have all reached for the edge to attract and hold on to as many viewers and listeners as possible. You might think that some have even gone over the edge, but the edge just crawls forward into a dismal swamp of junk.

Speaking of which, some bright PR person, feeding the media frenzy, declared a recent day as National Junk Food Day. Like, we need a day to memorialize the largest daily habit of an entire society? That’s like saying National Breathing Day or National Sleep-all-day Day, though some people would greatly enjoy that one. Really, National Junk Food Day?

What is junk food anyway? No, we’re not speaking of the tee shirt company. Typically, we’re including commercially prepared, packaged foods from the supermarket, the corner convenience store, and the candy counter at the multi-screen theatre. However, the unfortunate assumption is that if it were, bad for us, the FDA or some other government agency would not allow its sale to the public. Wrong!

Here’s where much of the mis-information about food becomes inane. (Remember— silly, foolish, stupid, fatuous, idiotic, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, senseless, asinine, frivolous, and vapid.) The cells in our bodies look for nutrition as fuel. Begin here with an understanding that the cells look for essential amino acids, enzymes, natural vitamins, and minerals. Processing foods to put them in a package squeezes, mashes, and cooks these substances out of the food-like material before it ever goes into the package.

Enzymes serve as the activators of nutrients headed for the cells. Heat kills the enzymes. When exposed to heat in the range of 107 degrees Fahrenheit or more, enzymes cannot survive. Have you ever noticed how quickly a slice of apple turns brown? The enzymes are dying because of their overexposure to oxygen, similar to what happens when they’re heated. Choosing fresh fruits and veggies for meals and snacks provides ample nutrition, the cell fuel your body needs.

Amazingly, the human body can survive with precious little nutrition. Thriving for peak energy and optimal health takes more, but a few nutrients per day will keep us alive. Fortunately, for people on the SAD (Standard American Diet), residual nutritive contents sustain them, even though the foods prove to be almost empty.

You may have heard the term empty calories. It simply means the ratio of nutrition measures so low that our digestive system and cells labor under a heavy burden just to keep us clean of junk and toxins. There’s not enough there to take us to optimal health.

Can you guess I just don’t see the reason to glamorize junk food? If we outlawed junk food, the economy would collapse and many people would have severe withdrawal from the sugar and salt addictions they’re hooked on. If we all demanded more fresh fruits and vegetables and bought less packaged foods, we would be healthier and the farmers and food manufacturers would get the message. Maybe that’s the real value of celebrating National Junk Food Day, so that we can focus even more attention on real food.

What do you think? If you really measure what you eat every day, how much junk do you choose? I’m a healthy guy, and I still eat more junk than you might imagine. I like it. I enjoy crackers and cheese, an occasional cup of ice cream, and a lot of other items that qualify as junk food. Regardless, I think the memorialization of National Junk Food Day is totally inane. How about you?

Nutrition Counts, Not Calories

Nutrition Counts, Not Calories

Calculator for article Nutrition Counts, Not Calories

This is the way we count our calories, but it isn’t necessary. Nutrition counts.

Nutrition counts. Calories just measure the potential for converted energy. If you’re still counting calories, good for you; however, newer science will help you maintain your weight where you want and stay healthy at the same time. Nutrition inside the calorie counts more than the calorie. In other words, the quality of nutrition in the calorie will mean more to your body than just keeping up with the number of calories.

Here’s a bit of truth, if you have a persistent health issue, you can likely overcome it with a well-selected nutrition plan. Likewise, if your weight for your body style seems to be too much or too little, you can likely control it with a well-selected nutrition plan. When you understand the role of nutrition, you will dump the calorie counting. You won’t need it.

Here’s the news for you to consider. You don’t need a diet, you need a lifestyle change. Are you up for it? Change can be hard, but it also has rewards. What value do you place on good health? Regardless of your age, you may have developed negative health conditions already. Many believe that aging is inevitable. That’s true. We all age; however, disease-free aging with a better quality of life seems certainly more desirable than what many people experience.

And, then there’s the medicine. If a doctor has prescribed some kind of “maintenance” treatment to keep your conditions under control, you will also experience the side effects that come with the meds. We always insist that you live life with a doctor as a partner. Each of us occasionally needs diagnostics to let us know how our body is reacting to our lifestyle choices. Here’s the rub. Most doctors are trained to provide intervention when one or more of our systems respond poorly, or even break down. Radical intervention has a place, but much of what we call medical treatment actually runs counter to nature.

Unfortunately, for several decades, doctors have NOT been trained in nutrition and natural responses. They have little chance to understand how to get us through life without interceptive treatments. They rely on substances, most of which are manufactured, that supposedly target symptoms but never provide a cure. Recent research shows beyond doubt that adequate nutrition alone will provide more prevention and long term relief than medicines.

Nutrition Counts

Let’s get back to the point about counting or not counting calories. There’s more to the science, but to keep it simple, nutrition is measured by the number of live enzymes, natural minerals, and the mixture of vitamins that come from the food we eat. God designed the human body for survival and it has marvelous self-healing mechanisms that work continuously at the cellular level. We can survive with little nutrition, but when we feed the body what it is designed to process internally, we thrive.

Counting calories never gives you a clue into how many live enzymes your food contains. Enzymes provide the regulatory triggers that make ingestion and digestion effective. Enzymes bring the best out of the combinations of vitamins and minerals in what we choose to eat. These live enzymes occur naturally in whole plant-based foods. Once a plant food goes through processing, especially cooking and refining, almost all of the enzymes die. Without them, the nutrition the body is looking for will not be delivered. Without the natural nutrition of live foods, you’re most likely to stay hungry most of the time.

Ntriotion Counts, Not Calories

counting Calories? Count the number of fruits and fresh veggies instead. Eat all you want.

So, how do you count nutrition rather than calories? It’s simple. All you need do is count the number of fresh fruits that you eat each day. Four or five will never be too many. And then, you want to count the number of raw veggies you eat each day. If you get up to about eight, you will be in the right range, especially if at least half of them are dark green and leafy.

Transitions can be difficult. Your brain has networks of neurons that need to be rewired. That’s what we call HABIT. Your mom got your habits started at infancy, and then refined those as you developed into the adolescent you became. Brain training is nothing more than exercising your will to behave differently. Will power works, but it’s like any muscle in the body. It needs repetitive activity to become trained differently. Your will power needs a new workout routine.

You’ve been exercising some will power by counting calories and trying to keep your food choices in what someone told you is an acceptable range. They’re keeping you on the fence. You hope they’re leading you to control bad choices to keep your weight or health under control. Once you take the next step, counting nutrition instead of calories, you can retrain your brain away from bad choices—dead food—and begin to thrive on live foods. You’ll find it easy enough. Once you make the change to live, whole, plant-based foods, you can eat all you want. You’ll quickly learn that nutrition counts, calories just add up and really don’t mean much.

You may have done this already. You know what it means and we’d like to hear your story. If not, we ask this, how free will it feel to be counting sheep or something else and not being a slave to the calories? What do you think?

Be well!

Exercise Yourself

Illustration: Weight Lifter

Even minimal exercise is better than no exercise at all.

Exercise yourself! Even minimal exercise helps your lymph system clean body tissues. Even for Seniors with limited capability, walking in place for 5 to 10 minutes will move lymph through your system and that’s like having little brushes scrubbing out your tissues. Your lymph system has no pump like blood does through your heart. So, you need to move. Walk, run, stretch, or whatever you can do, regardless of your age. Got bad weather? That’s no excuse. Keep moving. You’ll warm yourself and have a better chance of staying well. SO, tell me, what are you doing every day to keep toned up? I have friends who are trying Tai Chi or gentle yoga. I also have friends who train for marathons. It’s the ones who do little or nothing that cause concern. Minimal exercise is much better than no exercise at all, so what are you doing? Oh, it’s time to go running now, so you leave a comment and I’ll check it when I get back. Have a great day! Be well!

We Say Nuts to Protein

We Say Nuts to Protein! Or, let me drive you nuts!

What I mean is drive you to nuts, seeds, beans, and sprouts. Protein in our food culture is so misunderstood. If you have questions about it, let’s talk. We’ll have a report on Protein coming out soon. But, for now, listen up. These are some of the things we’ve learned so far:

-You don’t need animal protein. Plant foods—seeds, beans, and greens have all you need.
-A diet high in Animal Protein weakens the body and leads to degenerative disease.
-A high protein, low carbohydrate diet unbalances the body and promotes allergies.
-Animal proteins putrefy quickly in the intestinal tract. Do you deal with constipation?
-Protein-rich raw foods include seeds, nuts, some grains, and sprouts.
-An example of where to get your protein: 3 ½ oz. of dried lentils contains 20 grams.

We’re still digging into the topic. We’ll revisit the truth of protein soon.

The body is amazing. It’s self-healing when it has the right foods for true nutrition. Be well!