Alzheimer’s Disease Researchers May Be On To Something

Alzheimer’s Disease Researchers May Be On To Something. The mind is an interesting place. The brain acts as the processor and repository for our all we sense, think, and remember. What if something gets in the way of the normal … Continue reading

Colon Cancer Month Focuses Attention

March, 2014, Colon Cancer Awareness Month focuses attention on the most threatening form of cancer for the greatest number of people. Colorectal (Colon) Cancer affects a huge segment of our adults in America and around the developed world. But, let … Continue reading

Milk Producers Splash a New Ad Campaign, but Beware

Ads for the dairy industry and milk producers splash the actors in a white liquid, highlighting a new campaign which hopes to boost the use of milk in our everyday lives. Replacing the “Got Milk?” campaign that ends a twenty-year … Continue reading