Jump into Juicing for Fun and Health

Get into juicing for fun and health. It’s easy and wise. Micronutrients feed your body’s cells. You get them from fresh veggies. Juicing veggies gets the live enzymes, natural vitamins, and wholesome minerals into your bloodstream quickly and efficiently. Your … Continue reading

How much sugar is too much?

How much sugar is too much? On average, Americans consume 172 pounds of refined sugar each year, killing each one’s immune system one swallow at a time.You say you want to be healthy. Is your “want to” strong enough to … Continue reading

Make the Giant Leap from Sickness to Health—Naturally

A Certified Health Minister learns how to help people make the giant leap from sickness to health—naturally. If you have suffered from illness, occasional or chronic, and find the drugs as uncomfortable as the sickness, you have discovered the truth. … Continue reading