Three Easy Ways to Eat, Drink and GoVeggie

Plan A Our next Eat, Drink and GoVeggie dinner will be Tuesday, September 3 at 6:15 at The Cooper’s home in Arden. This Immune Booster/Stay Healthy meal will be completely raw. Menu includes, green drink, veggie juice, Guacamole Salad/Wrap, raw … Continue reading

Childhood Obesity : A Primer for Parents

Some topics need more attention than others. Obesity at any age can easily be overcome with better food choices. We can help with information and resources. If you’re already into weight loss of one sort or another, let us know.  … Continue reading

AMA Endorses Disease Status for Obesity

Meeting in Chicago recently, representatives and policy makers for the American Medical Association passed a resolution classifying obesity as a condition of disease. Tell me it’s not about the money. This opens the door for insurance companies to support more … Continue reading